Grupo Pacifico Team Members

Our team’s holistic approach towards design-build ventures focuses on function, quality, and sustainability.

Principal, LEED GA

Tatiana boasts over 26 years of project management and design experience, leading the efforts for high-end developments ranging from single family homes to intrinsic commercial and multi-dwelling residential projects, both in California and the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.

As Principal and Project Manager, Tatiana is one of the best interior architects in the local industry. With a LEED Green Associate accreditation, an eye towards the highest building performance possible, she is passionate about providing effective sustainable design and best-in class service with a keen attention to detail and impeccable follow-up.

Her involvement in multiple community outreach programs and her dedication to remaining part of the conversation within the industry when it comes to environmental awareness, Tatiana brings to the region current trends, regional expertise and common-sense approaches to design that build top-quality properties that work.

With over 18 years of experience providing architectural and engineering services to the area of Guanacaste and coordinating with Costa Rican construction crews Tatiana serves as the main contact for all communications during the process of design and project management.

Project Captain in Costa Rica – Partner

A registered general architect. Mr. Rodriguez has 25 years of experience in San Jose, and Guanacaste Provinces. Mr. Rodriguez’s experience in projects ranging from single family homes to multistory building, and shall be in charge of coordination of the structural, mechanical and electrical design as well as site inspections as need be.

Mr. Rodriguez worked for many years on construction endeavors for the Canadian Embassy in San Jose, and in the structural design field bringing incredible technical knowledge to the job sites.

Project Designer / Architect

Ms. Arce channels her extensive digital training to lead the design documentation for each project in a very creative way. She also plays a critical role in the sustainability design analysis we develop for our clients.

AutoCAD Drafting Manager

Ms. Duarte has been on board for 12 years, is in charge of drafting, and managing the drafting department.

Dog lover, owns a small doggie hotel which she devotes all her spare time to.

Associate, Project Design

A General Architect, born in Pasto, Colombia, with 14 years of experience in high-end residential, and commercial buildings. Mr. Bastidas shall be in charge of coordination of the Computer Aided Design 3D Visual Aid Department, AutoCAD project management and design development for the project.

General Project Manager – Construction

Mr. Vandruff, a California native, licensed General Contractor, as well as Construction Manager, with over 40 years of US construction background. Mr. Vandruff has been involved in macro developments, high end custom single family homes, commercial and residential developments in the United States and abroad.

With outmost concern to climate adversities, Mr. Vandruff has incorporated in his buildings materials to withstand time, combat climate and solar exposure for a well centered and efficient building performance. With over 20 years in Latin America he has constantly and consistently been reassessing construction techniques providing cutting edge standards for tropical regions and their specific existing challenges of delivery, climate, and cost.

One of the pioneers in the area in the use of gypsum and it’s multiple techniques, imported the material prior to any other builder and has shown the versatility of the product and it’s limitations. Mr. Vandruff is the master of attention to detail and is proud of every product he delivers, on time and with the outmost concern to budget, performance and design.

To date Mr. Vandruff has constructed over 1,000,000.00 square feet of construction encompassing multi million dollar single family custom homes, multifamily, multi-use and commercial endeavors.

Passionate builder, spends his spare time problem solving, improving his work and enjoying classic movies from the west that according to him hold the essence of right and wrong.

On-Site Project Manager

Mr. Thomas Vandruff is our on-site manager with over 3 years of experience, in charge of construction administration, the day to day duties and proper attention to detail for the execution of the construction documentation at hand.Mr. Vandruff, has been involved and assisted the company with numerous development projects in the region as well as multi-story developments.

Ex-tri athlete, competitive swimmer, and family man.

Office Manager

Ms. Aragon has been on board for the past 10 years and is the heart of all administrative activities of the office, from organizing meetings to making sure everyone is present, she does not miss a beat!

Very dedicated mom of two wonderful boys, and avid baker.

Project Engineer in Costa Rica

Dr. Rojas is a registered Seismic Structural Engineer and holds a Ph.D. in Seismic Design, with over 30 years experience in projects ranging from single family homes to multistory buildings. Dr. Rojas, shall be in charge of coordination of the structural design and implementation of the project including the site inspections required as need be.

Avid orchid grower in the San Jose area.