Our holistic approach to creating sustainable buildings and interiors includes every step from concept to completion. Each design starts with a blank sheet that we fill in with your lifestyle, function and design ideas. Our team then applies the creativity and sound building practices to customize each project for an end result that will be unique to you. Due to our intensive space planning experience we have the ability to analyze a home from the functional interior aspect first making it an integral feature of the architectural response needed.

We use the latest technology to bring your ideas to life – 3D renderization, modeling and detailed visual aids. All designs are in compliance with International Building Code and Costa Rica Construction Regulations.

At Grupo Pacifico, we create an array of visual concepts, largely by establishing laser focus on our clients’ needs and wants, and accurately interpreting their vision, right at the onset. This ensures our designs cohesively align with your goals the first time, and saves on time and money.
Once you approve our conceptual design, we collaborate closely with our teams to innovate the best structural approach based on soil studies, material efficiency and seismic design analysis.
Once the sustainable design approach is determined, we will evaluate the different systems inherited energy conservation and design.
Grupo Pacifico will implement a sustainable approach on all possible systems, from air handling to waste water management and beyond.
At Grupo Pacifico, we empower our clients to realize the concepts they envision forward by delivering spaces that are not only functional but aesthetically unique. We are truly at the forefront of interior architecture.
There is immense value in being a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and a LEED accredited professional. It means that our clients enjoy the benefits of having a firm who are leaders in delivering a sustainable approach that will last for years to come. As advocates of smarter living for the future, we design spaces that work on all levels with minimal imposition on the environment.
Once Grupo Pacifico is engaged in the bidding process, a thorough walkthrough is executed on the premises of development in order to understand, and tackle the challenges that all construction sites may present. In addition, an in-house meeting is held with our environmental engineers so to minimize impact and create avenues of clear understanding of the job in hand. Work shall not begin until all professionals involved in each specific discipline reach a sustainable approach to the development.
Prior to the start of construction many aspects are evaluated for the bidding process to be as accurate as possible, a meeting with all stakeholders is arranged to determined specific details of the job at hand. Land assessment and on-site challenges are also determined, boundary verification, logistics such availability to working services such as electricity, water, waste water management, and access for staging of materials and transportation.

Grupo Pacifico evaluates in addition, sustainable measures once construction begins as to the management and classification of materials, and initial waste water treatment methods to be used.
Once permitted plans and environmental viabilities are met and delivered, Grupo Pacifico can begin the process of construction. A meeting is held with stakeholders and building will commence as indicated. All work is initially traced on site by the land surveyor who will ensure the exact location as envisioned by the Architectural Division.
With many years of combined experience not only in the field of Costa Rican construction, but from years in the building industry in the United States. GP provides great knowledge and attention to detail from structural design to high end finishes and helps conclude projects executing the strictest punch lists delivering the most outstanding quality that characterizes our company. GP also provides this service as Owner’s Representatives with third party participation by others.
REMODELS Grupo Pacifico has the ability to provide this service and enhance existing structures as need be. Minimum square footage requirements apply.
We are proud to be one of the leading project management teams in the region and provide immense value to clients who are unfamiliar with the process when it comes to architecture and construction in Costa Rica. With our bilingual team who is well-versed in fulfilling the extensive due diligence required when building in a foreign country, we help our clients achieve an ease and peace of mind that is hard to find when it comes to local projects.

Our suite of project management services are both broad and deep: covering logistics, overcoming language barriers, and tackling legal requirements needed for commercial and residential applications alike.
Grupo Pacifico as part of our architectural services provides the due diligence required for the Construction Permit Process. There are several layers of permits required specific to the Costa Rican government that are solved if need be by associate professionals of each ramification needed.
With your best interests in mind, we have experts who stand ready to act on your behalf as your representative, managing construction teams in both Spanish and English to ensure that your project is completed thoroughly and in a timely manner.
Our interior design clients boast Grupo Pacifico as a market leader; we have a keen ability to design interior spaces that impeccably reflect their owners and their values. Providing services of furniture specification, furniture procurement on behalf of the owner and turnkey installations. See more info under Green Studio.