Our creative team provides the connection between person and space, delivering uplifting environments that enhance the experience, and deliver memories to cherish time and time again.


We provide sensitive interior design solutions for commercial spaces, from
boutique venues, high-end residential, to large hospitality projects.

Space Planning

Based on our model of sustainability practices: natural lighting, natural cross-ventilation, and energy efficiency; our space planning analysis and approach defines us as a whole with our main goal to enhance optimum space utilization and allocation in compliance with local and international building codes.

3d Modeling

3D modeling of interior spaces to help clients visualize space definitions, color look, and feel.

branded spaces

Space identification of key components of interest to enhance attention to detail, branding, and marketing.

branding space development

In conjunction with branding development, Green Studio provides the aesthetically pleasing physical space that will mirror branding views and purpose.

Finishes & SPEFICIATioNS

Selection and specification of finishes, fixtures, and equipment needed for targeted applications, taking under account budgets, code compliance and safety parameters as well as the delivery of the branding image incorporated at every step of the design approach.

color scheme analysis

Color scheme analysis and development based on factors such as services to be provided, local culture, environment, emotional architecture, and climate.

Furniture, Lighting & Accessories

Selection and specification of furniture, lighting, ART, and accessories needed to convey the meaningful purpose of the space at hand.


Selection and specification of aesthetically pleasing finishes, plumbing fixtures, and accessories needed for ADA (American’s with Disabilities ACT) compliance and standard configurations.

Renovation & Restoration

Renovation and restoration of dated space in order to provide a new atmosphere and, sustainable, updated, and appealing spaces for such areas