we deliver results unrivaled in the industry

At Grupo Pacifico, quality, creativity, and professionalism matter. A full-service architectural & construction company dedicated to Costa Rica’s prestigious Gold Coast, Grupo Pacifico has served as a market leader for over 18 years.

With extensive technical backgrounds that remain unrivaled in the industry, Grupo Pacifico has dedicated itself to establishing a green legacy by shaping the landscape with beautifully-designed and executed properties and ventures that prioritize environmental conscientiousness and quality.

The experts that make up our team span multiple disciplines, working and collaborating with one another to not only provide you with world-class innovation, but also projects with structural integrity that will both impress and last for years to come.

We believe it’s our responsibility as human beings and global citizens to maintain a clean, green planet instead of exploiting and draining the life out of our surroundings and resources. This has become the cornerstone of our development philosophy.

Our approach to sustainable design is therefore based on efficiency, innovation, creativity and common sense. We have a unique knack for combining these with our passion for creating one-of-a-kind design results and structures that will be uniquely your own – bringing well-thought-through visions of your venture or project to life.

As one of the few LEED Accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) organizations in the market, we’re proud to be pioneers, leading the charge and helping usher in an era of eco-conscious conservation and sustainability. We understand that your property isn’t merely a building or a venture, but a structural investment in your future.

That’s why we are uniquely positioned to deliver work that not only stands the test of time, but that is energy-efficient and cost-effective, providing an added value by working with professionals in the field and creating timely, impeccable results for the most discerning of clients.

Our suite of services applies to commercial and residential projects encompassing architecture, construction and development, project management, planning, space planning, seismic structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, interior architecture, interior design, and permitting services.

Innovating is what we do best and culturally sensitive problem-solving is our core competency. We look for solutions and enhance the experience of being in a different country with the challenges of a different language and customs.

At Grupo Pacifico, we have a keen ability to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and we tailor our design and construction solutions to those needs, leveraging unrivaled expertise and cutting-edge processes and techniques to deliver sound solutions that go above and beyond expectations, each and every time.

We are committed to understanding your vision and we guarantee a customer experience where lofty expectations for creativity, accountability, responsibility and delivery are consistently exceeded with passion and professionalism.

We are located in the in the city of Liberia, exactly 200 meters east of the Boyeros Hotel.

LEED accredited.